Preschool Motor Skills PDF Print E-mail

The preschool motor skills program targets children ages 2 1/2 years to 5 years or kindergarten. The program has fourteen skills ranging from the very basic non-locomotor to cross-lateral.


Pulling on stretchy fabric not only works those small muscles but is creative and fun, too.

Walking and kicking an empty milk-jug is a great way to develop eye-foot coordination.


"We're pushing the wall so it won't fall!" Pushing with different body parts works the Proprioceptive Sense, sometimes called the Sixth Sense.

"Watch me walk on the  beam!"

The motor skills ladder makes a bear walk more challenging and interesting.


Everyone needs good balance throughout life. Static balance practice on an individual mini-board helps a lot!

"Watch out here come the bears!" The bear walk is a bilateral skill that strengthens arms, shoulders and wrists in preparation for writing and desk tasks.

Bubbles are great fun anytime.

Look at her beautiful V-sit. That takes tummy muscles and great balance! Can you do that?

A tuck sit on a mini-board is harder than it looks.

"Which way do we go?" A scooter-and-cone course teaches directionality and develops leg muscles, but they just think they are having fun!