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We have written a book!

Teachers, Caregivers, Parents and Grandparents Are you wondering
what to do with the infant or toddler in your care? Which experiences are appropriate for such young children?
Which activities actually help prepare little ones for later things like reading and writing?
Our book Sensational Beginnings is chock full of sensory and motor activities for infants and toddlers up to  24 months. There are photos to complement the 235 activities. At the end of each age section there is a chart
on which to document the skill and date executed. 

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Black and white, or the contrast between dark and light objects, are the first and easiest thing for an infant to see.


Crawling is an important step in a chld's development, so let's get moving!


Who's that in the mirror? Infants and toddlers love to look at faces, even their own.


A pot and wooden spoon can teach all kinds of things, such as cause-and -effect, sound discrimination, rhythm and eye-hand coordination. He just thinks he's having fun!

Sign language emerges before the spoken word.


"I found my toes and I'm learning that my feet are actually attached to me!"


A rolled textured ball can add a sensory experience to developing eye-hand coordination.


Squeezing soft rubbery toys is not only good for small muscle development but also teaches cause and effect.

 Scarf pulling

Pulling on sewn scarves of different textures can be such fun!

 An empty box and a few wooden drum sticks can provide lots of entertainment. No need for expensive toys.