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  • What is KidBuilders?...KidBuilders is a developmental, sequential motor skills program for the young child written by Marilyn Bitsis and Margaret Schafer. It is based on our " 14 Basic Skills" and is designed as a yearly curriculum. We now offer an Infant and Toddler curriculum for teachers of younger children. We have published a book for Infant and Toddlers caregivers - Sensational Beginnings.
  • Why teach motor skills?...We believe that motor development is the essence of learning for the young child under 7 years of age. Everything they are learning is based in some way on their sensory motor intake. Through infant, toddler and preschool ages, children's bodies are their "classrooms" Also, any programs accredited by the N.A.E.Y.C. must incorporate a motor skills component in their curricula.
  • Don't I need a special degree to teach motor?...No. Anyone with the love of kids, a willingness to be active, and a desire to help children explore the use of their bodies and their world can teach motor skills. You do not need to be a professional athlete, either.
  • How do I get started?...Begin wih the 14 Basic Skills. Search your school's resource library for music and movement activities for motor skill development ( You'd be surprised what resources you may already have!)
  • Do I need lesson plans?...Yes! Lesson plans are a must. Being prepared is essential to a successful program. The KidBuilders comprehensive workshops take you through the 14 Basic Skills to cover a year of teaching, plus extra activities and lesson ideas to enhance your program.
  • How do I know when to progress to another skill and when not to?...When the majority of each class has mastered the skill, move on. You can always return to it later. Make notes in your lesson plans of the skills you need to repeat and why.
  • How do I know what skill level is appropriate for each age?...This is the toughest call to make. Always begin at the simplest level and progress as quickly as the class masters the skill. The KidBuilders curriculum and advisors help with average ages and stages of skills, but each class is a little different.
  • What do I do about a child who is having difficulty with a skill area?...Remember, all children learn differently. Break the skill down to its most basic elements and build from there. Make anecdotal notes in your lesson plans and speak with the classroom teacher. Continue observing the child over time. If the difficulty doesn't improve, have the teacher communicate with the parent at conference time.
  • I don't have a gym at my school, where can I do motor skills?...Any open space is fine, even an adapted classroom will work.
  • We have playground time, why do we need a motor skills class?...Motor is not a substitute for outside or playgroung play! A comprehensive motor program puts children through sequential skills they need to develop the whole child. A child with a specific deficiencies will avoid sctivities in those areas unless directed in a safe, fun way. Once a child masters a skill area he will be more confident to explore the skills at a higher level in unstructured play settings. The child will feel successful.
  • I don't have a lot of money to buy equipment, what can I do?... Much of the equipment is simple enough to make, and inexpensive enough to purchase a little at a time. Start simple and add as your budget allows.