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Our Services Include: 

KidBuilders Introduction/teacher in-service sessions: We will introduce KidBuilders to you and your staff. We will touch on the fourteen basic skills as well as demonstrate some of the equipment and suggested activities. Designed for teacher of two and a half to six-year-old.

Infant and Toddler Skill Introduction: We will introduce to you the KidBuilders infant and toddler program designed for caregivers of infants and toddlers up to two years of age. 

KidBuilders offer the following trainings:

"Sensational Beginnings- Sensory and Motor Activities for Infants and Toddlers" What you do with infants and toddlers really does matter! In this session you will learn the importance of sensory stimulation not only for early brain development but also for motor skills. We'll show you easy ways to enhance a young child's sensory experiences through simple activities.

"KidBuilders Motor Skills for the Young Child": An overview of the comprehensive perceptual and motor skills program for the young child, introducing our 14 Basic Skills.  

"Linking Literacy to Motor": Preschool teachers will learn how to improve their students' academics through motor activities and learning enhancements.  

"Connecting Motor to Math": The KidBuilders Team will demonstrate energetic movement and music-oriented ways to introduce math in the preschool classroom.  

"Move Over Time-Out":  Do you use Time-Out in the classroom? How well does that work for you? Let us show you how to use movement and the 14 Basic KidBuilders skills as alternatives to traditional Time-Out.  

"Move On To Smooth Transitions":  Let's face it, the only one that likes change is a baby! However, transitions are necessary, especially in teaching young children. We suggest using movement, let us show you how.


Other Services: 

Individual consultations: A member of the KidBuilders team will come to your school to assess your motor skills needs or evaluate a motor program in existence. We can recommend ways to enhance your program to ensure the students are experiencing comprehensive and developmentally appropriate motor skill activities.

Full-year consultations: A KidBuilders consultant will provide an introduction to the curriculum and then will return each month to provide subsequent lesson plans and equipment. During the monthly meetings the teachers will work with the consultation to troubleshoot curriculum implementation as well as deal with classroom management specifics. At your request we can provide assessment tools to determine the motor skill progress of each student.  

Parent Classes: Let KidBuilders conduct a parent class for the parents of your students. We will present the fourteen basic skills, plus equipment and music suggestions, to parents as part of a parent education program at your school.