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Building on recent brain research the new KidBuilders Infant and Toddler program seeks to provide the caregivers of our youngest children with appropriate and creative activities to maximize brain potential. We strive for every infant, toddler and preschool child to have sensory, movement and gross motor experiences that will establish a firm foundation for later academic learning. Check out our new book- Sensational Beginnings. Great for all that work with infants and toddlers and shows that what you do with an infant or toddler does make a difference!

KidBuilders believe that fundamental motor skills are developmental in nature and that each child should be positively motivated and encouraged to proceed at his/her own rate. KidBuilders is not intended as a substitute for free or outside play, but is a structured approach to introducing, strengthening and enhancing the basics necessary to successful motor development.  Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that through beneficial gross motor skills experiences a child becomes more self-assured, coordinated, and physically adept and positively motivated. Participating in a comprehensive preschool motor skills program helps children develop a positive self-concept and equips them for future life skills.