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KidBuilders is a comprehensive, year-long motor skills curriculum written by Marilyn Bitsis and Margaret Schafer. It is designed to meet the needs of the parents, grandparents, and motor skills teachers of infants and toddlers and preschoolers and can be adapted to every preschool classroom. KidBuilders can be customized to meet the needs of its audience—from one-hour sampler settings to 12-hour continuing education workshops or something in-between. In 2008 KidBuilders introduced a new program to train caregivers of infants and toddlers in appropriate activites to maximize brain development. KidBuilders can train your motor skills teacher in the full curriculum, assist classroom teachers in incorporating essential motor skills every day, or even conduct parent classes. Let us help enhance your school’s program today!!



Spectacular Summer Presentations!  

We were able to travel to Dallas for the Texas Early Learning Summit Conference sponsored by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.


Teachers from the Rise School in Houston attended our KidBuilders workshop in August 




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Hobbs News-Sun, 11/1/2012

Hobbs News-Sun, 11/3/2012 

“Kid Builders is truly the best motor skills development program! The curriculum is purposeful and challenging and fun! Our children loved the varied activities offered. The instructors know their “stuff”. Each child was able to be successful in each skill level. Excellent program!”

Mary Ann Benoche
Head of Early Childhood
Grace School

"Marilyn Bitsis has been a friend of River Oaks Baptist Primary School for years. Marilyn brings wisdom, love and fun to everything she does. She and Kid Builders have certainly contributed to the success of our motor program!"

Julie Boone, M.Ed.
Primary School Principal
River Oaks Baptist School


Have you imagined how energetic, down-to-earth, fun and loving infant and toddler trainers should be? Well, that is what we found in Marilyn and Margaret when we contracted their services to train our Early Head Start Teachers. We truly enjoyed working with them.

Alix CaDavid
Neighborhood Centers, Inc.
Sr.Professional Development Coordinator


The most important ingredient for a good education is full integration of mind, body, and spirit. The objective of KidBuilders is to bring mind and body together and to lift the spirit through the experience of success and the development of confidence. KidBuilders, under the direction of Marilyn Bitsis, will provide an experience where physical skill and successful sensory motor development will encourage children toward feeling good about themselves. It is the kind of program every young child needs.

Garland O"Quinn, Ph.D.
Founder of Developmental Gymnastics
1960 US Olympic Gymnastics Team


Margaret Schafer presented a very exciting and engaging "KidBuilders" workshop to the MVPS Preschool faculty and staff! They left wanting more workshops and training to support the movement program in our preschool. The depth and breadth of information was terrific and having the equipment at the workshop brought it all to life.

Gina EloweMVPS Preschool Principal 


Quotes from the students in the Grad Project, Hobbs High School, Hobbs, N.M.

It was nice having you here. I love the ideas that you’ve shown us.  They are great ideas to use with our kids and they don’t cost that much money.


Thank you, Senator Kernan, for sending the lady to show how us how to give an education for my baby when he or she is born. I would like to have a book so I can prepare myself to help my baby to learn so she won’t have to struggle when they are growing up and start going to school. I want to thank you so much for showing us we can make it better for our kids.


My daughter is a blessing and she is my world. I’m really looking forward to using some of your techniques.


Thanks you for taking the time to come to our parenting class. I enjoyed all the activities that you taught us… It was all very nice stuff, different things that people wouldn’t even come up with.


I really enjoyed the presentation that Ms. Bitsis gave us. I wish we would have had more time. It made our class feel good that someone wanted to take the time to come and show us ideas of how to help our children grow and develop.


"Kid Builders is an excellent program for young children. Well trained staff provide fun and imaginative activities that are age appropriate and bring in all aspects of physical development.

Director Marilyn Bitsis has presented training for our staff and we have sent members of our staff to her summer workshops for teachers. We always come away with great information and new skills. We love it!"

Kyra Bowman
Assistant Director
St. Luke's Day School

KidBuilders is an awesome, developmentally appropriate motor skills program for young children. It was so easy to incorporate into our overall curriculum including our assessment program. My teachers love KidBuilders because it SAVES them time. All they have to do is implement the program!

Dana Capers
Westchase Methodist Day School

KidBuilders has been an intricate part of Los Ninos Primero for 4 years. Los Ninos Primero serves at-risk Latino preschoolers. Not only do the children love the program, but the staff has noted that as the gross motor skills developed fine motor skills improved as well. Ms. Schafer's intimate knowledge of preschoolers paired with her ability to make movement fun and educationally driven makes this a perfect partner to any preschool program.

Martha Barrios Mead
Los Ninos Primero